Jet Boat Experience

We highly recommend taking one of the many boat trips that are available from St Justinian’s that that explore the beautiful islands and coastline of Pembrokeshire.

Kate and I recently did the Venture Jet Boat experience which is a white water thrill ride, taking you right into the caves and even over the “bitches” and through the “over falls”…playing with Porpoise…..great fun !! But you really need to hang on. There are other more gentle boat ride’s to take however if you just want to see the birds, Seal’s and Porpoise.

Its got to be done!

Click here to go to Venture Jet web site

vj1-web vj5 vj4 vj3 vj2

These are some photos taken in the calm times with my iphone……..I needed both hands to hang on the rest of the time!


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