Works at Newport Bay Caravan Parklands

Doesn’t look like we’ll get to the Caribbean this Winter after all! The last week has been very active at Newport. Following safety advice from tree-surgeons we have been cutting down some poplars near the car park (extensive shrub planting has been done in that area) and other trees elsewhere will be trimmed. Electricians are replacing caravan supply boxes all over the park wherever the exisiting ones are no longer up to standard.

Surface water drainage is being improved around the car park involving unblocking underground pipework clogged with roots. New caravans have been delivered and plots are being prepared for them. One new decking went up with at least one to be arranged. All to be completed by March 1st! If we are this busy when the park is closed what is it going to be like when we open?!


Thomas and George Merrick breaking in some new machinery:



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